Do you want more users and super-fans who tell everyone about your product?

Of course, you say! But you're having trouble getting traffic to your site and converting visitors to sign-ups...

Fortunately, you already know the power of words; you also know how great copy converts traffic to sign ups and then users to raving fans!

And now, you're just looking for the right ninja-wordsmith person to help you write your way to user acquisition and retention.

Hi, I'm Ahmad👋—a Dubai-based freelance content writer and copywriter.

I also go by 'Ninjalancer.' A one-man company/agency. A solo ninja freelancer.

Learn more about my services and how they can help your business.

Or..Find out a bit about me; see how I look when I'm not in my ninja uniform.

My services—Content writing related stuff that'll help your startup succeed

1. Blogging

Helps you get more traffic to your site, educates your prospects, builds trust and authority.

2. Website and landing page copywriting

Helps you convert website traffic to leads, email subscribers, downloads and sign-ups.

3. Social media content

Helps you distribute your blog content, engage with both prospects and users, builds your community quicker.

When it comes to writing content for startups, I work with 3 'ninja-principles.' As a startup, they'll feel very familiar to you—Learn more about my approach.

My approach to writing any kind of content involves 3 major principles

1. User-first

Like you, I'm obsessed with a user-first approach. Before writing a single word, I make sure I completely understand your target audience.

I deep-dive into understanding their pain points, goals and motivations.

This helps me create a great experience for your audience when they come in contact with the words you use to communicate with them; whether it's on your website, social media posts or your blogs.

Words can make or break a good user experience—I know you know this too. That's why you're here.🙌

2. Buyer's journey

Progressing ahead after understanding your audience, is understanding where they are on the buyer's journey.

They could be on any of these 3 stages:


This helps me craft content that would be best suited for your prospects in a way that nurtures them from finding out about you, to becoming a power-user of your product.

3. Conversion-focused

If it doesn't convert, it doesn't help you.

That being said, not all conversions are created equal.

Some conversions result in a newsletter sign-up, some into a product trial, some into a sale and some as simple as someone sharing your article on social media.

My 3rd ninja-principle is all about helping you by making sure that every piece of content is created with a purpose that benefits you with real, measurable results.

Interested in working with me? Quickly read through my onboarding process.

About me


Hello! My name is Ahmad Alam. I'm a freelance content writer and copywriter based in Dubai, UAE.


Before diving into the world of full-time freelancing, I've had an interesting journey—apart from religiously learning about User Experience and experimenting with the different subsets of digital marketing, I taught myself graphic design and making websites on Wordpress.


I went on to become a sales executive at a small web development agency. We did not have a marketing budget, so I started creating content on my personal Instagram page to bring in leads. Soon after, I found myself not only generating leads, but also servicing clients; creating websites for them on Wordpress.


After that, I started working for a digital agency as a social media specialist. That involved everything from creating a content strategy to content planning, content creation and community management for our clients.


What I realized was that I used the power of content and copy throughout my career; helping myself and the companies I worked with.


Understanding the power of good content and its effects, merged with my interest in tech and startups, in February 2018, I created an Instagram community: People With Laptops.


Here, I share stories/interviews of startup founders and people in tech.

In this process, I was lucky enough to speak to hundreds of people in tech, sharing their stories with an 8,000 strong community.

If you're interested in using my platform to reach thousands of people, share your story and talk about your product, I'd be happy to feature you on People With Laptops. For FREE. Click through to get featured.👈


Brand exposure is free on People With Laptops because I'm obsessed with helping startups get more customers.

Why? Because I'm a customer too. And not the kind of 'customer' who keeps creating new email addresses to use your product! I'm talking about the real deal here.

I've experienced the joy of using an intuitive interface, where the maker's research about me (as a user) is evident at every touch point—a product that feels like it was made for me!

I want more people to feel the same about your product❤️

What breaks my heart is seeing startup founders struggling to get their product in front of the right people in the first place, let alone converting them into users.


The way I choose to help, is content and copywriting; making sure that you see conversions, and your prospects and users have the most fantastic experience every time they come in contact with your copy (words); be it on your social media posts, blogs or your website.

Ready to work wonders with words together? Check out my onboarding process.

Fancy a quick chat? Let's talk on Telegram.

My onboarding process—A step-by-step process of how we can work together

1. Intake form

You'll start by filling up a simple intake form. This helps me understand your business, your goals and requirements.

(You'll easily find this form at the end of these 5 steps)

2. Scheduling a call/meeting

After learning about you from the intake form, I'll send you an email within 48 hours, to schedule a call (or a meeting if you're based in Dubai).

In this call, I will learn more about your business, target audience, goals, and challenges.

3. Proposal

Once I've completely understood your requirements and the scope of work, I will send you a proposal; highlighting the deliverables and a quote.

Should we agree on the pricing and deliverables, I'll send you a contract and a 50% deposit invoice.

4. I get to work!

After receiving 50% of the project cost, I roll up my sleeves, grab a coffee☕ and get to work.

Upon completion of the work, I'll send you an invoice for the remaining price.

5. Testimonial

As a startup, I'm sure you can agree having social proof and testimonials on your website helps you in many ways.

Similarly, I'll send you a short exit survey or a request for a testimonial which will help me, too.

I will also take your feedback so that I learn and help startups like you even better.

Ready to get more users and raving fans with great content and copywriting?

Share your story with a large, engaged audience on Instagram through People With Laptops

Hey! I'm happy you're here!

I'm super excited to share your startup story with my audience on Instagram.

Here's how it works

1. Just fill out the form below.

2. In the 'message' section, write a brief introduction; a bit about yourself and what you do (your startup).

3. I will get back to you within 48 hours with a few more follow up questions for the interview.

4. Once the interview is complete, I will publish it on People With Laptops. Simple!